Zoë Washburne [Firefly] (bigdamnherosir) wrote,
Zoë Washburne [Firefly]

psl part....

Every now and then, the dangers of sticking to the black and pressing further and further out present themselves. Sometimes it's Feds, sometimes it's over-aggressive people in the trade. This time, it just happens to be Reavers.

They came out of nowhere, seemed like, Mal, Jayne, and Zoe taking a little moon walk as they grabbed some stranded cargo, and suddenly Wash is yelling in their ears to get back in the boat, Zoe drops everything and can't do anything about it with a Reaver ship barreling down on them.

Mal's already in on her, even as she tries to point out they'll probably be dead soon anyway, both of them making their way to the bridge. She messed up by dropping their take, she knows it, but whatever Mal has to say won't change it. Wash is already flying defensively and Zoe stands behind him, hands above her head and holding on.

"You gotta try and lose 'em on the other side of this moon, Wash. Get in their blind spot and pull away."
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