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Apr. 15th, 2012 | 10:42 am

Behind the cut - 2011-2012 activityCollapse )

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Jul. 16th, 2012 | 02:31 pm

It's amazing how fast time goes on the boat, with a toddler who's into everything, and a crew who spoils her to no end. Maya can get away with practically anything, and does more often than not. But she's a sweet baby, loving on everyone, happy all the time, and already very happy to pretend to pilot the ship next to Wash on the bridge. She mimics him the best she can, and even 'helps' by steering, sitting on his lap. She also 'helps' Kaylee fix things, with her tiny baby tools.

Sometimes, Zoe has to stand back and watch this force of nature that is their daughter as she's becoming less of a baby, and more of an actual little girl.

Currently, Maya is in the galley with Inara, reading a book with her, in just sock and a diaper, wild hair going every which direction while Zoe has gone to get the necessary items to braid her daughter's hair.

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AU part 4646415

Jun. 11th, 2012 | 03:05 pm

Six weeks of sleeping with the pilot isn't turning out to be half bad. Because as it so happens, he's better in bed than she ever would have thought, and attentive too. He talks so much outside of bed, she didn't know what to expect. But she's been surprised - better than surprised really. Happy...is a word she hasn't used to describe herself in a long time, but this past six weeks she has been. It's almost startling.

So maybe that's why she's blaming this relationship or whatever the hell it is on the fact that she lost a drop. Not just a few goods, not just some coin. But someone grabbed everything right out from under her and now they're all humped for two weeks. Not only is she mad at herself, but she's irrationally mad at Wash, and Mal yelling at her during the evening meal about how good she messed up and he hopes she likes protein doesn't make it better. Eventually she just gets up to keep from hitting her best friend square in the jaw.

Disappearing to her bunk, she closes the hatch firmly and changes for bed, skipping the cargo bay card game Jayne wants to start doing. She doesn't need to hear his comments every ten minutes either.

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AU - post The Message

May. 28th, 2012 | 02:29 pm

After everything is said and done, after Tracy is left with his parents and the crew is back on Serenity, Zoe stands in the cargo bay for a second. Wash goes to get them off the icy rock, Jayne and Mal go wash blood, and River, Kaylee, and Inara go off together. Shepherd, Zoe assumes, has gone off somewhere to pray. Which leaves her standing alone in the middle of the big open space.

What she hates the most, about all of this, is that Wash got hurt. Doesn't matter how minor, not really. No one'd kept him in the loop. If she had, maybe, he'd have had his side arm. Inches over and she'd be burying her husband, too.

Seeing Tracy has brought up too many memories, too many reminders of how far she'd go. And what she's having a damn hard time with now, is reconciling the fact that this man she'd promised to carry in battle, a man she'd literally killed for, turned on her and the captain the way he did. Held her crew hostage. Threatened the life of her husband. Her shot alone was likely enough to kill him, Mal's sped things up. She'd do it again. Always, she would do it again which hurt. Made something in her uneasy.

Eventually, when she realizes the boat must have broken atmo, she makes her way to the bridge, standing in the doorway, looking at her husband in that beat up looking sweater. She has no clue where he even got it.

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Apr. 19th, 2012 | 04:06 pm

In the weeks after Wash's death, Zoe's never felt so exhausted or emotionally drained. She's tired, she's grieving in her own way. But she works to get Serenity up and flying again. There are nights she can't sleep in their bed - just hers now, and she finds herself wandering to the cockpit. She sits in his chair, wrapped in that sweater he liked so much that she hated on him because it hid even more than his bright shirts. When she manages to doze, she dreams about a life planet side with Wash, on a moon she's never seen before. Sometimes there's a baby, sometimes there isn't. But when Simon tells her she's pregnant the dreams stop. It hurts too much, and she refuses to sleep until her body gives in, and by then, it's dreamless.

She knows she has to tell Mal sometime, she can't keep it a secret forever, and she decides, after this run to Jiangyin (a place Simon and River aren't too keen on going back to), she'll tell him. She'll tell everyone. Zoe finds herself sticking close to Inara, who decided not to leave after all, and it's good, Zoe figures, because she's going to need someone like her to show her what to do. Not that she thinks companions are versed in child rearing, but she still probably knows more than all of them.

They get to Jiangyin, a different side than where the hill folk lived, and do their business. Invited to stay to enjoy food and beverage, none of them can say no to that. Especially not Zoe. It puts off having to tell Mal about being pregnant. As they're sitting around the table, she's mostly zoned out until the magistrate starts talking about the man they have in their care. The whole moon still doesn't have a reliable doctor, especially not for someone hurt as the man they have. A wound to his chest, deep and through, but still somehow alive. The description chills Zoe, makes her stand up as Simon agrees to take a look.

Simon's back in less than ten minutes, giving a sidelong glance to Zoe even as he talks to Mal, and the two of them disappear. Mal comes back but Zoe's tuned out, standing with her arms crossed, looking out of a window.

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psl part....

Mar. 13th, 2012 | 02:50 pm

Every now and then, the dangers of sticking to the black and pressing further and further out present themselves. Sometimes it's Feds, sometimes it's over-aggressive people in the trade. This time, it just happens to be Reavers.

They came out of nowhere, seemed like, Mal, Jayne, and Zoe taking a little moon walk as they grabbed some stranded cargo, and suddenly Wash is yelling in their ears to get back in the boat, Zoe drops everything and can't do anything about it with a Reaver ship barreling down on them.

Mal's already in on her, even as she tries to point out they'll probably be dead soon anyway, both of them making their way to the bridge. She messed up by dropping their take, she knows it, but whatever Mal has to say won't change it. Wash is already flying defensively and Zoe stands behind him, hands above her head and holding on.

"You gotta try and lose 'em on the other side of this moon, Wash. Get in their blind spot and pull away."

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psl part 10

Feb. 19th, 2012 | 02:21 pm

The past five months has been good, money wise. Mal got shot by a woman named Patience, but not bad. And Zoe'd managed to grab the coin, so it hadn't been a total loss. They all even managed to get planet side once or twice over night. They didn't always have a ton of food, but they were doing alright.

Marriage with Wash, for Zoe, is still nothing like she expected. It's good, it's better than good, and she makes sure he knows it every chance she gets. If there were any doubts by anyone in the crew (Mal) there can't be much anymore. They have their fair share of disagreements, but at the end of the day, they just love each other too much.

There's a call, a pick up asking for delivery to another moon, and it sounds simple on paper. Mal doesn't even think they need Jayne, just Zoe. It takes two days to get to the planet, and Mal and Zoe suit up, heading out. The pickup goes well, they get the cargo, the first half of their payment. When they start to leave, Zoe notices a split second too late, movement behind a curtain and she pulls out her gun. They're swarmed though, and with Mal already at the door, she catches his eye, telling him silently to go, to at least try to get back to Serenity. The couldn't both wind up being held by some back moon punks.

Only she's soon being read her rights, and she realizes that this isn't an ambush. These are people working on behalf of the Alliance, and it was all a trap. She's stripped of her weapons, arms in the air, then led to a holding cell.

She's there for days, interrogated - illegally she's sure - while the Feds are on their way. She knew it would take a while for rescue to come, but when 72 hours goes by and there's nothing, she starts trying to come up with her own ideas. She has no idea how she'll get off this rock, but she can't sit idly by. She's given a few pieces of bread once or twice, water. Questioned over and over again, not allowed to sleep. She figures her escape will have to be when the Feds come and she has a clear shot at outside, possibly taking over some vessel if she can.

There's excitement outside, people yelling, and she figures this is it. Sitting up, she tries to focus her exhausted mind, and then she hears gunshots steadily getting closer to where she's being held. Then, she hears Jayne - never thought she'd be glad to hear him - and she stands, going to the door and yelling so that they'll know where she is. Her voice is hoarse though, and she leans against the wall. She doesn't expect to see her husband.

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PSL part 9

Feb. 12th, 2012 | 02:50 pm

Miserable really isn't the word for how everyone is, yet. It's not as bad as it could be, and they've had plenty of stops. It's just that there's no food being traded. So they're down to the tasteless protein that isn't even chicken or beef, just a block of something tasteless.

They still sit around the table though, and they do go to bed full if they manage to eat, so it's not as if anyone's starving. It just isn't good, is all. Sitting around the table with the crew for dinner, Zoe looks at Mal, taking a bite of the protein. They're used to it, more than the others, really. "Reminds me of that week durin' the war we started lookin' for planet side plants to eat. So me and the captain came up with a gorram dumb idea. Raid a small canned food factory. Pretty sure they had more guns than our entire platoon."

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PSL part 8

Feb. 6th, 2012 | 12:17 pm

Months and jobs tend to go by smoothly for the next few months. Everyone's feeling pretty light, no one's had to shoot anyone, and they've had a good spread in between takes. Zoe's noticed that even Jayne seems less inclined to pull out his guns. Marriage seems to suit both she and Wash, her smile coming quicker and easier these days, finding that she doesn't mind so much the waking up at ship's dawn when she has her husband there to wake up with. There are days they get to spend together planet side, and she's happy. An honest happy she hasn't let herself have in a while.

It's the middle of the night when she wakes up, Wash not there because there'd been a few issues with their route this time the entire way. So, she puts on one of his tank tops over her own thin one, pajama pants, and goes to the galley, making both her and Wash some tea before going to the bridge. She just stands in the doorway for a while watching, hoping to keep him entertained for a while.

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PSL part 6

Jan. 31st, 2012 | 09:26 am

After her two days with Wash, pain killers, and plenty of rest, Zoe's feeling good. Amazing, really. She's going to marry that pilot, she's going to be happy, and she's still a little awed that she's opened herself up this much, that she's moving on from refusing to get attached. Wash gets all of the credit, for not giving up and not trying to change her. He just loves her, and the realization always fills her up somehow, in a way she didn't know was empty.

A week later finds her in the galley after eating dinner with Wash on the bridge, just to give him some company while he's stuck at the helm for a while. Cleaning their plates, she doesn't even realize it when she's humming under her breath, a small smile lacing her features.

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