Zoë Washburne [Firefly] (bigdamnherosir) wrote,
Zoë Washburne [Firefly]

PSL part 6

After her two days with Wash, pain killers, and plenty of rest, Zoe's feeling good. Amazing, really. She's going to marry that pilot, she's going to be happy, and she's still a little awed that she's opened herself up this much, that she's moving on from refusing to get attached. Wash gets all of the credit, for not giving up and not trying to change her. He just loves her, and the realization always fills her up somehow, in a way she didn't know was empty.

A week later finds her in the galley after eating dinner with Wash on the bridge, just to give him some company while he's stuck at the helm for a while. Cleaning their plates, she doesn't even realize it when she's humming under her breath, a small smile lacing her features.
Tags: wash: likeswifesoup
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