Zoë Washburne [Firefly] (bigdamnherosir) wrote,
Zoë Washburne [Firefly]

psl part 10

The past five months has been good, money wise. Mal got shot by a woman named Patience, but not bad. And Zoe'd managed to grab the coin, so it hadn't been a total loss. They all even managed to get planet side once or twice over night. They didn't always have a ton of food, but they were doing alright.

Marriage with Wash, for Zoe, is still nothing like she expected. It's good, it's better than good, and she makes sure he knows it every chance she gets. If there were any doubts by anyone in the crew (Mal) there can't be much anymore. They have their fair share of disagreements, but at the end of the day, they just love each other too much.

There's a call, a pick up asking for delivery to another moon, and it sounds simple on paper. Mal doesn't even think they need Jayne, just Zoe. It takes two days to get to the planet, and Mal and Zoe suit up, heading out. The pickup goes well, they get the cargo, the first half of their payment. When they start to leave, Zoe notices a split second too late, movement behind a curtain and she pulls out her gun. They're swarmed though, and with Mal already at the door, she catches his eye, telling him silently to go, to at least try to get back to Serenity. The couldn't both wind up being held by some back moon punks.

Only she's soon being read her rights, and she realizes that this isn't an ambush. These are people working on behalf of the Alliance, and it was all a trap. She's stripped of her weapons, arms in the air, then led to a holding cell.

She's there for days, interrogated - illegally she's sure - while the Feds are on their way. She knew it would take a while for rescue to come, but when 72 hours goes by and there's nothing, she starts trying to come up with her own ideas. She has no idea how she'll get off this rock, but she can't sit idly by. She's given a few pieces of bread once or twice, water. Questioned over and over again, not allowed to sleep. She figures her escape will have to be when the Feds come and she has a clear shot at outside, possibly taking over some vessel if she can.

There's excitement outside, people yelling, and she figures this is it. Sitting up, she tries to focus her exhausted mind, and then she hears gunshots steadily getting closer to where she's being held. Then, she hears Jayne - never thought she'd be glad to hear him - and she stands, going to the door and yelling so that they'll know where she is. Her voice is hoarse though, and she leans against the wall. She doesn't expect to see her husband.
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