Zoë Washburne [Firefly] (bigdamnherosir) wrote,
Zoë Washburne [Firefly]


It's amazing how fast time goes on the boat, with a toddler who's into everything, and a crew who spoils her to no end. Maya can get away with practically anything, and does more often than not. But she's a sweet baby, loving on everyone, happy all the time, and already very happy to pretend to pilot the ship next to Wash on the bridge. She mimics him the best she can, and even 'helps' by steering, sitting on his lap. She also 'helps' Kaylee fix things, with her tiny baby tools.

Sometimes, Zoe has to stand back and watch this force of nature that is their daughter as she's becoming less of a baby, and more of an actual little girl.

Currently, Maya is in the galley with Inara, reading a book with her, in just sock and a diaper, wild hair going every which direction while Zoe has gone to get the necessary items to braid her daughter's hair.
Tags: au, wash: likeswifesoup
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